Menşure Okçuoğlu (75 years old) and Mecbure Cankal (73 years old) are sisters. Their native town is Sivas where kete pastry was very popular. They moved to Istanbul in 1968. They have a big family. Food and especially local dishes bring together all the members of the family during the religious feast days. Menşure Okçuoğlu is the chief cook of the family. She is an expert, especially at pastry. She was 15 years old when she started to knead dough. Her uncle’s wife taught her how to make it. His father’s house was a rich one, so they always received many guests. Therefore she woke up early in the morning and started to cook with her uncle’s wife. She was the only girl who learned how to make kete. She used to prepare it with her uncle’s husband. The fire was lit in the garden. One of them rolled the kete; the other one baked. Kete was a popular pastry made especially during Ramadan.