The Project
Grandma’s Design is an invitation to connect with heritage and different cultural identities through food culture. In Belgium, Finland, Italy, The Netherlands and Turkey, fifteen grandmothers were filmed and interviewed while preparing a baking recipe typical of their country or region - discover the recipes and stories here .

Grandma’s Design aims not only to preserve these traditions but also wants to give them further life with a new interpretation, considering the changing conditions of today’s society. With Grandma’s Design, Europe’s baking heritage is actively revisited.

Food Design competition
Professional designers, chefs and artists from any country in- or outside of Europe are encouraged to take part in the first Grandma’s Design competition about Food Design. This food design competition links tradition with design - to participate in this competition, creative design and food professionals need to choose the one recipe, grandma or (baking) story that inspires them to create a new food design concept or product. The guidelines and competition regulations can be found here . Deadline of the competition has been extended to April 12th 2013, 14:00h CET.

The winning designers and grandmas will be:
...featured in a Book of Winners, produced by Design Vlaanderen and to be published in November 2013;
...featured in an exhibition at the Award Ceremony in November 2013;
...promoted across Europe by the Grandma’s Design partnership and the European Commission’s Culture Programme;

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