Blend the water and the milk until the mixture is lukewarm. Take a bowl and add the flour. Make a well in the middle. Sprinkle the salt around the edge of the well. Crumble the yeast into the middle of the well. Pour the lukewarm liquid on the yeast. Add a tablespoon of sugar. Mix everything with some flour. Let the dough rise for 15 minutes. Add the butter and the egg. Knead well until smooth and elastic. Let the dough rise for half an hour. Make it into a ball and let it stand again for half an hour in a bowl covered with a humid towel.. When it has risen, roll it out. Put the dough in a preheated cake mould. Prick the dough with a fork. Let the dough rise for 15 minutes. Rub the crust with egg. Peel the apples and slice. Lay the apple slices on the dough. Sprinkle some cinnamon on the apples. Then mix the butter with the sugar.  Pour it on the apples. Finish with some knobs of butter. Put the cake in a preheated oven for 20-25 minutes at 200°C.   Take out and serve lukewarm.

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